QAT system

..............and Spacetime library

The QAT system

Is  a toolkit, based up  the Qt library, and a collection of useful classes for doing

·       Function manipulation,

·       Plotting

·       Data Analysis

·       Derivatives and Integrals

·       Ordinary differential equations

·       Hamiltonian  Mechanics


It uses the gnu scientific library , the Eigen library, the HDF5 library, the Coin3D toolkit+ SoQt  (redistributed in QAT3D). QAT is designed to  complement this collection with other useful functionality not already found there, to permit calculations of the type required in the physical sciences.  QAT is distributed as source code  and  is  supported on Macintosh and Linux platforms.







Text Box: Text Box:  December 2017

For support issues, including help with installation, compilation, or performance, or documentation, send email to, with a subject line of "QAT"

Text Box: QAT  is written by Joe Boudreau ( at the University of Pittsburgh and is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License V. 3.0